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For Valentine’s Day AlphaPipe is celebrating our most important relationships (the more than 10,000 investment managers responding to our shared clients) by activating a set of game-changing response features that eliminate effort and increase collaboration. These innovative efficiency features were developed for a new DDQ/RFP/RFI response management service for investment managers AlphaPipe Library and are now available for immediate use at no charge by all existing and new AlphaPipe responder accounts.

Every responder account within the AlphaPipe platform has instant access to:

  • Bulk or question-by-question selection of prior answers for reuse by all responding colleagues within any proprietary client or industry DDQ request;

  • Effortless answer mapping into a dynamic knowledge library across the entire response history for their firm(s) and fund(s), including all proprietary client and industry DDQ responses by all responding colleagues;

  • On-demand ability to update common content within industry DDQs for efficient reuse;

  • Intuitive access to "similar answers" (such as, same topic but freeform text versus pick list answer options) for helpful reference in preparing consistent answers to questions without directly comparable prior answers; and

  • Real-time visibility to responding colleague activity for informed collaboration.

All investment managers can claim an AlphaPipe responder account to take the service for a test drive while confidentially pre-loading common content within industry DDQs for future use. AlphaPipe's commitment to security, confidentiality and privacy have been fully integrated into the new features. As always, response content is owned by the responding manager and the receiving client. Additional AlphaPipe Library features for integrating external information requests, assigning specific questions among colleagues, reviewing draft responses and managing the overall workflow will follow shortly.


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