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A Bridge Unicorns Should Fear to Tread.

I read one of the best fintech cautionary tales this weekend courtesy of Gregg Schoenberg of The Financial Revolutionist and Westcott Capital. Gregg warns of disruptor hubris, excess hype, and incumbents mid-crossing without a plan. While we have always thought AlphaPipe has the potential to disrupt around the edge, we have shied away from selling unicorn fairy tales and focused on workhorse innovation in active collaboration with existing players and technology within the private funds investing universe. From the article: "If we had a dollar for every time we’ve reheard the metaphor comparing banks to dinosaurs or to the taxi services being put out of business by Uber, we’d have enough to own a unicorn. Underpinning this attitude is the idea that fintech start-ups will somehow obliterate the incumbent financial services industry in the next few years."

Read more of Gregg's thoughts through the link below.

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