February 12, 2020

For Valentine’s Day, AlphaPipe is celebrating our most important relationships (the more than 10,000 investment managers responding to our shared clients) by activating a set of game-changing response features that eliminate effort and increase collaboration. These innovative efficiency features were developed for a new DDQ/RFP/RFI response management service for investment managers, AlphaPipe Library, and are now available for immediate use at no charge.

Every responder account within the AlphaPipe platform has instant access to:

  • Bulk or question-by-question selection of prior answers for reuse by all responding colleagues within any proprietary client or industry DDQ request;

  • Effortless answer mapping into a dynamic knowledge library across the entire response history for a responder's firm(s) and fund(s), including all proprietary client and industry DDQ responses by all responding colleagues;

  • On-demand ability to update common content within industry DDQs for efficient...

May 3, 2019

In a recent podcast I heard that “a penny for your thoughts” is now $2 for your privacy. Two Harvard Business School professors authored a case study to illuminate the digital privacy issues that students will face as newly-minted MBAs. The case emerged from observations that business managers say they “care about privacy” while many “stop short of… actually doing something about it.” Research by the authors showed that 48% would sell their privacy for only $2. This contradicts consumer interviews revealing pervasive paranoia. The professors think the concern is largely driven by ambiguity: Who is collecting what data; and what are they doing with it? In a familiar twist the Google spinoff at the heart of the case study is described as having a “murky” revenue model. No one is certain how they are making money. For most digital platforms if you are not a client you are likely the product. 

The case study sparks classroom discussion of privacy topics familiar to the fintech industry – da...

February 5, 2018

January has been a record month with AlphaPipe® clients completing thousands of custom information requests.  While built to support client-specific information needs, our platform was designed to also support standardization where industry consensus emerges.  First published in 1997, the document-based AIMA DDQ has become the leading industry standard.  I participated in AIMA's recently completed initiative to modularize the document templates and in November 2017 AlphaPipe® entered into a license agreement.  Now, we will build on AIMA’s two decades of template development and provide digitized versions integrated with AlphaPipe's proprietary response evaluation tools in a highly secure environment.  AIMA is a powerful example of the efficiencies made possible by industry collaboration and we are excited to add this contribution to our innovative technology so clients and users can fully realize the benefit of digital diligence....

May 12, 2016




Many FinTech services cite the SOC 2 reports of their host provider as full evidence of their security. However, such SOC 2 reports need to come in pairs -- one for the host provider and one for the individual firm -- to truly examine the security controls clients are relying on.  


AlphaPipe is proud to announce the successful completion of its third annual SOC 2 examination. The Report on Controls at a Service Organization Relevant to Security and Availability (Type 2) for the period April 1, 2015 to March 31, 2016 is available to all AlphaPipe users as part of our commitment to maintaining a robust, institutional-caliber service for the private funds investing industry.


This report reflects continued enhancement in our examinations as we added the Availability trust principle given many clients are beginning to use AlphaPipe as the primary repository for key information, insights and documents related to their ongoing diligence and monitoring of external managers.





November 1, 2013



Having sobered the crowd, a cyber security expert recently offered up his “one wish” to most improve data security – “eliminate email attachments”. Surrounded by sceptical looks, he added “if at all possible”. If potential threats would be dramatically reduced, why can’t we eliminate email attachments? Inertia and habit should not be allowed to preclude an evolution in communications. The typical network security model is medieval in its design – a fortress of high walls and vigilant sentries who scan all visitors to prevent intrusion.






February 1, 2013



Many investors are not realising the full potential of their operational due diligence (ODD) teams or consultants, in part because too much ODD time is spent on ascertaining basic facts. Yet, ODD has become as important to the manager selections of high-quality investment committees as investment research and quantitative analysis. After frauds such as Bayou and Madoff, counterparty calamities including Refco and Lehman, zombie funds spawned in the 2008 liquidity crisis, and a governance failure or two, the basic value of ODD is beyond question. 






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